park + open space

Fox Creek park sits on approximately 20 acres, surrounded by single-family homes, in a growing  corner of the community. Immediately adjacent to an elementary school, Fox Creek Park connects the abutting neighborhood to the school through a series of trails, as well as introduces several recreational and play-focused amenities. As prime consultant, Genus led the City of Waukee through a public input and master plan process for Fox Creek Park in 2014, prepared cost estimates, and recommended a phasing strategy. Following the master plan, Genus designed, documented and oversaw two phases of construction. The park recently completed its second phase of construction in 2019.

Phase I included site grading and trail construction. Trails weave through natural prairie areas and connect informal playing fields which can be used for soccer, baseball/softball, and other recreational activities. Phase II finished out the park program by adding a 2,000 square-foot rentable park building, parking lot, tennis/pickleball courts, playground, and a recirculating splash pad. The playground features custom-designed elements, such as a ‘fox burrow’ tunnel for children to crawl through and a central mound comprised of a climbing wall, slide, rubberized surfacing, climbing ropes, and natural stone. Green infrastructure is on display throughout the park and was a key factor in decision-making and park design. Some features include: all site water captured in bioretention areas, a recirculating splash pad to reduce water usage (one of the few in the State), high solar reflectance tennis court paving, native plantings, and auto-dimming dark sky compliant LED lights.