June 3, 2022


Genus is excited to welcome Luke Aunan to Team G as a summer intern!

Luke is a 4th year Landscape Architecture student at Iowa State University and hails from Rock Island, Illnois. Luke grew up exploring the midwestern landscape as far back as he can remember and takes that experience with him into his design work. He sees landscape architecture not only as a way to design functional and beautiful spaces for people, but also as a critical component of designing functional ecosystems for flora and fauna. Designing spaces that inspire an appreciation of the natural world is what drives Luke's passion for landscape architecture. Luke has experience working for design-build companies and nurseries in both Iowa and Illinois and hopes to further his professional knowledge at Genus working on a variety of projects and learning more about the rapidly changing social-environmental context of our cities.


February 18, 2022


The Harkin Institute for Public Policy & Citizen Engagement at Drake University has been awarded 'Best of Show' 2021 by 1000 Friends of Iowa.

Every year the 1000 Friends of Iowa selects the Best Development Award recipients, acknowleding developments that design for smart growth and employ sustainable practices. The Harkin Institute for Public Policy & Citizen Engagement was recognized in the special 'Best of Show' category for its comprehensive incorporation of smart building and development practices in one of the city of Des Moines' oldest neighborhoods.

Accessibility and sustainability was at the forefront of the site design for the Harkin Institute. Accessble parking was a key design driver in the site layout, with extra ADA parking stalls located close to each primary building entrance. Stormwater treatment and green infrastructure establish the character and aesthetic of the site, with a series of biorentention cells and native plantings surrounding the Institute and bringing awareness to sustainability in the everyday environment. The Harkin Institute is a Green Globes certified project.

Check out all the Best Development Award winners at this LINK.

Architecture: BNIM   //  General Contractor: Weitz  // Photography: Kelly Callewaert  //  In collaboration with Drake University

January 13, 2022


We are excited to announce Carlos Silva-Trejo is the newest member of Team G! Welcome to the team Carlos!

Carlos was born and raised on the east side of Des Moines and graduated from Iowa State University with a Bachelor of Landscape Architecture. As a designer, he has an affinity to graphics, with his first introduction to design being street art. Carlos enjoys the multi-disciplinary aspect of landscape architecture and design, and the complexity that comes with it. He is passionate about coming together with people from different backgrounds to create inspirational environments that enhance people’s lives and their communities, using design to create spaces that are artful while also being a beautiful expression of their culture. Carlos has an impressive skill set and has worked throughout the nation on a wide variety of project types, including projects with the Olmsted Center for Landscape Preservation in Boston to Houston, Texas where he worked with communities in the Texas Gulf Coast region.  Outside of work you can find Carlos spending time with friends and family, and relaxing with his Blue-Nose Pitbull, Kyra.

August 9, 2021


We are excited to welcome Jeremy Johnson to Team G! Jeremy is a designer with a wide range of experience including parks and recreation, master planning, signage design and community improvements.

Jeremy gained his understanding of landscape architecture from the typical experiences of growing up in the Midwest. Summer wilderness camps, harvest festivals, ice skating rinks, and spring-time parades taught Jeremy how valuable the outdoor and civic resources are for all who partake. He is a designer with the goal to give back to the communities that allowed him to flourish. As a graduate of Iowa State’s bachelor of landscape architecture program, along with years of experience as a designer, Jeremy strives to create lasting benefits to the places he calls home and the new places he is introduced to. Outside of the office you can find Jeremy enjoying a local brew with his wife and friends after a paddle, dog park visit, or a rock climbing session.

May 21, 2021


We are excited to welcome Clay Silver to Team G! Clay joins Genus this summer as a summer intern.

Clay is a 5th year Landscape Architecture student at Iowa State University. He grew up in the country near Marshalltown, Iowa and has a strong interest in sustainability and environmental design. Clay also enjoys the technical side of design work and derives satisfaction from design detailing. Outside the office Clay enjoys playing guitar, woodworking projects, and fishing.

Welcome to the team Clay!

January 18, 2021


We are excited to welcome Stacey Hanley to Team G! Stacey will oversee all things marketing, communications, and social media in the office. Stacey is a licensed Landscape Architect and Architect with extensive experience working collaboratively to bring high-performance communities and facilities to life. Stacey's passion lies in creating meaningful connections between people and design through community engagement, outreach, and education.

Stacey received her Bachelor of Landscape Architecture from Iowa State University and her Master of Architecture from the University of Minnesota. Outside of work, Stacey's civic affiliations include several Boards and committees that focus on opportunities to educate the public about design and the importance of creating healthy, sustainable neighborhoods. Stacey is currently serving on the City of Des Moines Urban Design Review Board and is Chair of the Architecture in the Schools Committee for the Iowa Architectural Foundation Board. At home she enjoys spending time with her family in their big garden and loves reading, travel, hiking, and yoga.

September 7, 2020


In spring 2020 Genus was selected to collaborate with Design Workshop on Des Moines’ newest urban district – the Market District!

As landscape architect-of-record, Genus will advance the design vision thru construction documents to realize 9 city blocks of green infrastructure.

Read more about the JSC Properties team and development here:


July 10, 2020


We feel privileged to be recognized for our work on rehabilitation of the Des Moines Catholic Pastoral Center. Originally designed by Mies van der Rohe in the early 1960s, the site is now home of the Diocese of Des Moines with improved pedestrian safety and plantings respectful of the original design intent. Working with the State Historic Preservation Office on one of the most well-known examples of mid-century architecture in the Midwest was a unique opportunity. Through an extensive inventory of existing site materials, we were able to create a plan to salvage some existing pavers and augment with new to create a seamless grid that returned the site to its original glory.

July 7, 2020


We are honored to be recognized for our work on the Raccoon River Greenway Corridor for the City of West Des Moines. Part of the Five Waters Project, the RRGC was one of the five signature City park and recreation initiatives seeking to position the City of West Des Moines as a regional leader in recreation and quality of life amenities while simultaneously protecting and enhancing land, water and wildlife.