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As the north entrance to downtown, Dubuque is a “first impressions” street. Creating a unified, pedestrian friendly road section helps make Dubuque a “memorable” entrance to the heart of the Iowa city. To create a sense of arrival, four pair of catenary roadway lights are proposed and have been expanded to include catenary tie-backs to the storefronts, effectively creating a ceiling of light at select junctures along the sidewalks.


The light poles have been customized with arms to recall the dome and cornice seen on the Old Capitol. Custom concrete light pole bases are proposed with casting details complementing the metal fabric introduced within the wayfinding elements. Colorful hanging baskets planted with seasonal annuals add a pedestrian scale and festive character. Seating and expanded planting areas define flexible programmable space which help to accommodate spillover during readings or other events. A focus on the pedestrian is shown through new bike rack accommodations which nearly double current capacity, unit pavers at intersections to prioritize pedestrian crossing safety, and ADA accessible curb ramps and adjusted grades at existing storefronts to provide accessibility to all visitors.